Interested in joining our club?

Anyone interested in joining our club should come the field to talk with current members or, better yet, come to a club meeting.  The field is open to visitors if other member(s) are present (basically if the gate is open, come on in).  Club meetings are held the third Saturday of every month at the field (unless other arrangements are made) at 9 AM.

If you like what you see and want to join, you will need to fill out a member application and submit it to a club member or officer.  The next meeting after completing the member application, the members in attendance at the meeting will vote on accepting the new member.  A majority vote is required to approve the new member.

You must also be a member of the Academy of Model Aircraft (AMA).

The cost of membership for the first year is $185.  This fee consists of a one-time, buy-in of $125 plus $60 yearly membership.  Payment is due in full upon confirmation of membership unless arrangements are made with the board of directors.  See the By-Laws for more information.

Printable membership application can be found here.